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How do I eliminate AOL desktop gold error code 104?

08.07.2020 - 12:06

When I attempt to install AOL desktop gold software on my computer system, I am experiencing  Aol desktop gold error code 104 . This error code is an annoying issue, while the installation and update process of AOL Desktop Gold software. This is a common error, which actually takes place due to some unrecognized reasons. I have applied my knowledge to recognize the main causes of this error code, but don't get the success to find out the exact reasons. As per my technical experience, I am applying my all options to resolve this error code, but no results. Could you please recommend the solid methods to sort out this error code at the earliest?

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08.07.2020 - 04:09

Unfortunately there is no solid solution to fix it permanently.

The reason could be;

- Download of corrupt AOL Desktop Gold Files in the computer.

- When you have the corrupt windows registry system installed on the computer.

- When you’re PC has the presence of viruses and malware.

- One of the main reason behind this problem is the incomplete download file of AOL Desktop Gold software.

Please try to remove AOL Desktop and install the latest version of it. This is the best way to fix your AOL Desktop gold error that i know.

I hope this helps.